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i was trying to print my year view on a piece of paper and find this cannot be done without doing a screenshot. also, the conventional calendar layout is not good for me and i would like more OPTIONS such as a linear left to right yearly view or a linear top to bottom yearly view. i need to plan a project and have been searching for a way to do this.


does anyone know if there is anything that will /integrate/ with iCal that will let me get more of a linear layout or that will give me actual appointments in my yearly view? i am having an issue with printing this obviously and have taken a screenshot of the yearly view and then copied the left hand side and copied the right hand side and i now have a yearly view on 2 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheets but this is only practical for reference.


i would like to find something that would INTEGRATE with iCal but give me something more like a GanttProject layout (for project management) or that will show me the year starting at the top and working down in a more linear fashion. i used to have a printed calendar like this and it was fantastic.


does iCal integrate with a calendar i can use in FileMaker?


thanks for any tips...

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