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Spam is arriving at an alarming rate into my iCloud mailbox. I am now very concerned about security. I forward every spam to spam@iCloud.com and spam@me.com. The numbers are increasing day by day. What is going on? Can it be fixed?

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    Yes it's getting ridicoulous. I am a email (offendable word) and I can't stand getting emails I didn't sign up for and always "unsubscribe" but I believe that ever since the Groupon/Living Social hack I have had a ridicoulous increase in spam. I mark it all as spam but It ****** me off I waste so much time doing that and that Apple can't fix this problem.

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    Advice number one: Do not ever ever ever unsubscribe !

    Advice number 2 keep reporting, no spam software is perfect and as spam protectors update their software so do spam distributors. Spam happens and will happen to the best of us.

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    This is getting insane.  In the last week I've gone from getting 0 or 1 spam e-mails a day to getting 30-40.  It is absolutely ridiculous.

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    Yes it is! Has anyone managed to get in touch with iCloud support about this deluge of spam?

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    I am getting repeated messages every single day tor the last few weeks that say  "NOTIFICATION CENTER"  and "SUPPORT"   with bad grammar in the subject line  "4 text messages has been found". 


    Like many others on thie forum,  I almost NEVER give out my email address.  Many posters who complain about icloud spam on this and other forums have NEVER use their icloud email address at all.   


    I have tried to use Outlook spam filter to identify these senders as "junk" but it just doesn't work - the messages continue to pop into my inbox even though the senders are supposed to be "blocked".   Also, the time stamp is about 8 hours behind my time zone (CST) which puts it in Eastern Europe or thereabouts - i.e. these are not from the U.S.


    So why are the messages not able to be blocked by third party email program and since they are clearly phishing messages -  why are they getting through the Icloud spam fliter?



    Why?  Because first, the Icloud spam filter, if it exists, barely functions.  Second, these spammers have bypassed everhthing -  the Icloud server must be hacked!  

    Wake up Apple!    The server is hacked.  Stop telling Icloud members that this is their fault. 

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    Same issue here. I recently analyzed the email headers of the last 10 pieces of spam I've received in my iCloud email account. The sending IP addresses are all on multiple blacklists including Spamhaus and Barracuda. Most, if not all, robust mail services (Google, Rackspace, etc.) utilize these well-accepted blacklists to filter spam. iCloud does not. The iCloud servers haven't been hacked. Apparently the iCloud admins would rather simply pass along the spam rather than have some customers upset over having a valid email blocked.


    Now I have a gmail account that I forward all my iCloud mail to. Google's spam filters get everything.


    I can't understand Apple's reasoning on this issue.

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    Apple's initial response to me was to 'unsubscribe'.


    Unfortunately for the poor agent on the phone, I'm not really willing to go with that. She's trying to figure out how to get in touch with the people on the other end of the spam@icloud.com (if there is anyone....).


    I'll keep you posted.

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    I'm also getting spam on my .mac account for almost the first time ever.


    Sad that such a small group of selfish criminals get away with holding the rest of us to ransom like this.

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    Right, so according to Apple, there is nothing they can do about this.


    The spam@me/mac/icloud.com is an automated service to make us feel good, apparently. She bumped it up to a 'supervisor' but came back and told me the same thing over again.


    I feel bad for her because I was pushing an issue that she clearly had no clue about, but I'm quite surprised that Apple has no way to address the issue.


    After having a .mac account for so long, it would be unfortunate to abandon it, but the spam levels are increasing and are nearing intolerability.

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    It may not help much, but it makes me feel better to forward the spam (with full headers) to the Federal Trade Commission. spam@uce.gov  If I have time I may also use http://www.scammerspammer.com/index.php


    After checking headers on these "Notification System" phishing emails, it appears that they are coming from different email addresses, some probably victims of earlier phishing attacks.  The "unsubscribe" links also vary, some from Romania, Some from Germany, some from Russia, and others scattered all over.  Blocking the email address are marking as spam doesn't work, because the addresses are all different.  Perhaps blocking anything with a subject line that contains "text messages has been found and recovered" will do the trick.

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    Jowie Level 2 Level 2 (205 points)

    Yes, iCloud spam is getting really annoying. Some emails I get are blatantly spam... They include IP-only links in them (a big giveaway) and don't include my real name. Yet iCloud servers continuously believe these to be fine, even though I always mark them as Junk Mail (which, according to Apple's support website, automatically fires off an email to spam@icloud.com).


    Some people here say that no spam filter is perfect, but Google Mail spam filters are ten times better. I really wish they'd get this right!

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    Add me to the list.  I'm receiving spam from some Latin American company almost daily.  It all get forwarded to spam@me.com, but I think all mail that goes to spam@me.com goes directly into Apple's spam folder and trashed.  Obviously no one iat Apple s looking at forwarded spam.  When @mac.com came out, I as very happy.  THe spam filters worked like a charm.  Then came @me.com.  With MobileMe servers, I still didn't get spam.  Then came iCloud and spam started pouring in.  This must be an extremely low priority for Apple.