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I've been waiting to see what Apple had in mind for the new MacPro. Been on an iMac 27" for over three years now and I was hoping to go bak to a tower again.


Well...quite a curveball they've thrown with today's announcement. Not sure what to think yet. However, being open to its possibilities, and thinking ahead to a potential purchase of one, I am concernedd about one thing in particular. I was hoping to put back into play my old 30" cinema display that I used until my G5 leaked liquid coolant onto its motherboard. It is now the occasional second monitor for my wife's Air. But I'm fearing I won't beable to. There is a DVI to Thundebolt adapter but it's not Thunderbolt2 which comes on the MacBook. Does this sound like I would have an issue connecting the two?

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    Mini DisplayPort adapters are backward-compatible to ThunderBolt computer ports.


    So to use with a ThunderBolt port, install a Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter from Apple (US$100) and you can get Dual-Link DVI to run that 30" Cinema display. I run a 30" Cinema display on my Mac Pro 4,1 (2009), but it is directly off a Dual Link DVI display card, so it needs no adapter.


    Dual-Link DVI is required for wider than 1920 wide, which the 30" Cinema definitely is.


    The Apple adapter is required because it is an ACTIVE Dual-Link adapter (which means it has signal re-drivers in it). You MUST plug in the USB cable as well, because it picks up power to run the signal re-drivers from the USB.

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    Yes we have all that as I mentioned my wife used the 30" with her Air requiring all that adaptage (the USB had to be used ergardless of what you were running it with, e.g. my old G5) But you don't address the Thunderbolt issue. Are you saying the mini-display adapter goes into the Tunderbolt port on the new MacPro? The mini-display and TB aren't one and the same are they?

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    Mini DisplayPort displays and adapters can be plugged into Thunderbolt ports (except the port on Apple's Thunderbolt Display) but Thundrertbolt devices won't work plugged into a Mini Displayport.

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    Thunderbolt ports and displays FAQ:



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