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Hello community,


I have a 2008 pre-unibody MacBook pro, running 10.6.8.

No problem to pair it with my Bose Soundlink2 bluetooth speaker.


Sound quality is very fair... for a random 5 to 15 minutes..

Then, in less than 15 seconds, I start to hear some crackles first then it behaves like an old tape walkman completely running out of batteries: sound becomes inaudible, vanishes and stops.


I don't lose the BT connection at all. When I switch VLC output for internal speakers, then back again to BT speaker, I'm good for another 5 to 15 min, then the problem occurs again.


The speaker is not the problem as it works perfectly with iPhone, Android phone and PC.


The Mac is in good condition, enough available Ram, CPU usage is low...

The problem occurs with both VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, playing both movies and music.


I unsuccessfully tried  some tricks found on the Internet like tweaking ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.BluetoothAudioAgent Bitpool parameters, as explained on http://mariusvw.com/2011/06/16/how-to-fix-the-crackling-bad-sound-of-bluetooth-a 2dp-headsets-or-speakers-on-mac-os-x/ with different recommended sets of BitPool parameters.


I tried to reboot both Mac and speaker, reset BT link, reset speaket to factory settings, set speaker to work from mains or battery, change mac to speaker distance... same problem.


Any clues ?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Bluetooth speaker