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    Yes the iphone 5 can be remotely hacked. I literally just watched someone navigate through my phone and search through my phone. I was on the FB app looking at a photo when all of a sudden the photo I was looking at started to move in and out. I closed the app thinking something might have went wrong with the app and then the different folder apps started opening and it went to the search screen and started typing in letters and would scroll through the options that came up for those letters. I frantically pressed the home button and then it would flip right back to the search screen. At the same time a Kik message came through and they started to open the message and I then presed the button at the top to shut the phone off...as I tried to swipe it off they were pressing the cancel button, finally I hard reset the phone and it shut off immidiately. I called Apple Support and indeed they had never heard of such and the tech I spoke with did a search on the Apple forum and found seveal forums of it happening to the iphone 5. He spoke with his senior advisor and they suggested I restore my phone through itunes and tried to reassure me that it shoudl stop them from getting in. They also stated that the iOS 7 update should stop it from happening again as well. It was seriosuly spokey to watch my phone work by itself and then to watch them fight with me to not turn the phone off...scary. I had no idea what to do. I have recently restored the phone and it seems to be fine but I am still on guard waiting for something. I will make it a habit to make sure that my phone stays locked at all times. Feel free to refer to my Case Number if it happens to you. 455271464

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    I've read your post and seems that I've been having the same issue.

    What happening so far? Did the hard reset work?



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    In October while driving, I received a message across my iphone stating that my iphone had been hacked and it took 4 days to get the phone to simi working order. Now today 12/10/13 it happened withing 15 minutes of each other twice. The first time it said HaHaHa, you've been hacked again!!! 666. Phone info lost. I was able to get the information back once I got to work and sitting at my desk this message comes up, You've been hacked again, you can't run from me, HaHaHa 666.....

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    Pictures or it didn't happen.

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    First, I have been a Apple fan for 15 years. I am one of those folks that wait for the new products to be released. I have gone through 3 iPhone 5's in this year alone on two different carriers. Not only hacked, but tracked. I tried airplane mode, restore, and ending up poping out the sim card. Pictures got deleted, contacts either removed or wrong numbers entered. Dont worry about the nay sayers. My hacked iPhones cost me big bucks, not to mention the two year contracts, customer service folks. To prevent overages, I got unlimited. And yes, they know every web page you visit and can even send texts from "unknown". I didn't even know and thought I was just making mistakes until I had a Facebook bashing for something I never did. Welcome to the jungle. When Apple was this nice little niche it was heaven. But those days are long gone. Somewhere around the second genreaton iPad release all **** broke lose. And those in the Apple bubble will never belive you. If the hacker knows your number and carrier, you are a target.

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    My partner went through my phone and found conversations and also pics in kik. I didnt write or send these. Has my iphone been hacked?

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    I'm coming back here to post about this topic after dealing with a hacked iPhone last night. Thank you all for your posts, they were very helpful. I just wanted to add that I had the same experience of watching my phone accessed remotely. It happened a little at a time over the course of a few day, and each time it appeared as though the phone was just freaking out. I fought with it to close FB messages that were being opened and scrolled in extremely quickly. Last night the icons on the screen were moving just slightly. Just a little. I thought I was just seeing things and then someone started typing and posting FB updates, doing internet searches copied a link and posted the link (some spam) to my FB. I watched someone or something go onto my friends FB timeline and move around her page. I turned it off, turned it on again to back it up- saw the icons move again and thought maybe that was someone was testing that they were "in". It was strange, like a computer was doing it. Everything was happening so fast it was hard to keep up with closing everything but they did a lot of stuff.


    After the backup I contacted Apple support and they told me the same thing you guys were saying. This isn't possible, when I insisted the said there's a very very small chance this is the case, it must be a problem with FB you can contact them. But it only happened on my iPhone, not my iPad, not my laptop. "I recommend contacting FB". Ok but if there's a chance, it's possible it happened. They were very nice to me and helped me do a system restore since I wasn't satisfied with their answer, but the fact that they listened to my issue and dimissed it when OBVIOUSLY something was going on was ridiculous. I 100% believe my phone was hacked and accessed remotely by either a person or a computer.


    Hopefully I won't have any more issues, and I did change my FB password jsut to be safe. Thanks again for your answers everyone I just wanted to participate and share my experience!

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    Same thing happened to me. Find it moronic that the same hacking activities of aps being opened, phone fighting you to shut it off,etc keep happing to different people yet some out there refuse to believe that Apple can be penetrated. Apple told me the same thing "ALMOST, impossible to back an I phone" they said. ALMOST MEANS IT IS POSSIBLE AND IT IS HAPPENING.

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    I've got to laugh at kilted tom and his blind faith that everyone else is wrong and he and Apple is right.

    I was just hacked and how I know I was hacked was I watched them navigate to an online

    Banking app and start taking shots at the password. You don't imagine that!

    I believe they accessed the iPhone through an app called hotspot shield


    My question is, I've removed that app and my banking app to be safe.


    Do I need to do anymore with the phone?


    Any recommendations of software that's thorough for removing all the bad stuff?



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    I woke up in the early hours of this morning to my phone making odd noises but fell asleep again not thinking anything of it however when I woke up this morning I found two emails confirming credit card purchases on a living social app as well as a call to my mother at about 2am and also two attempted emails to living g social and apple as well as a series of photos. I initially thought I had had the phone next to me and rolled on it but the purchases were two hours apart and the phone was on the table when I woke to hear it making noises. Has anyone else had any joy in getting apple to accept this has happened or am I wasting my time even ringing them ?

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    It just happened to my Iphone 5s. This morning wake up because some noise from IP like some typing and see some app is opening. I checked an find out some calls were done and some apps were deleted during I slept .

    I just  change the passcode, password of AppID. Hoppe it is okay now. How We can prevent it and why Apple let it happen???

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    My phone was laying on my desk today at work and it starting making sounds and it was typing within facebook.  I closed it out and locked the screen again.  Didn't think much about it since I was working on a report for work.  Next thing I know my phone is playing music.  Not sure what is going on since it was laying face down on the desk and in lock mode.  Could my phone have been hacked?  How should I handle this issue?

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    No. It's a defective touch-screen.

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    yes it is. I'm currently undergoing severe harassment and stalking by my previous neighbors. I live close to a univeristy in philadelphia. and the gross boys who lived above me have both my macbook pros and iphone 5s as well as comcast xfinity wifi connect to my things. I moved out of that apartment to get away from it and even 2 hours away back in my hometown they've been able to screen and routinely listen to phone conversations, text messges, camera, any internet activity and I can hear the echo of their voices from whatever they have attached.

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    If you actually believe that's true, call the police. If it's true, that's a felony.