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I am a member of the Apple Consultants Network. I got a call from a Cleveland based organization about synching issues.


This is not my expertise but I wonder if something simple is being overlooked.


This is what I know...


Our situation:

Our Executive Director has an iPad 3 (iOS 6.1.2/3) and an Android Razr Max (4.1.2) that are experiencing the following issues (for quite some time):

Some calendar items not syncing properly on both Outlook and iPad.  An external organizer will delete an appointment but the appointment does not update.  If appointment is deleted in Outlook the iPad does not reflect the change or vice-versa.  Not all her Contacts are displayed.  Some Delete items are not syncing properly

Our Exchange server is 2010 with service Pack 3.  We have an UC SAN SSL that we installed that containsmpo.noaca.org<http://mpo.noaca.org> (MX) and owa.noaca.org<http://owa.noaca.org> (EAS/autodiscover).



I am npt the person to try to fix this other than to suggest something already not done and someone they would like to hire to fix the situation.