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Hi, my mac mini (2011) finally won't startup today.


It was since two weeks ago, the mini goes freeze very frequently, I discovered that the fan speed was always below 2000rpm, meantime, the CPU temp was around 80-90 degree, it is around 25 degree in the room, last Friday I installed a software named smcfancontrol, which can manually speed up the fan, and it seems better, and the computer runs faster, I think the CPU is running in full speed.


Today, I opened a video to watch, after about ten minutes, the computer goes freeze again, and of course I force powered it down by pressing the power button on the back, then the tragic came:


- when I try to boot up the machine, the front light turns on, then off with a "ka" sounds like the hard drive shutting down(force powering it down)


- after around two seconds, the light goes on again, and the fan smoothly goes to full speed, there is nothing shows up on screen, as well as no apple boot up sound.


- I tried to reset smc (power down, unplug power cable, wait 15 seconds, plug in power cable, wait 5 seconds, power on), no luck.


- I tried to reset pmu (at least internet says it's pmu, it seems apple website did not mention how to reset pmu on mac mini, power down, hold power button for five seconds, power on), no luck


- I also tried to unplug the memory, try with every single one to boot, no luck


- last Friday, when I can still boot up the computer, I thought there might too much dust, I removed the fan and cleaned it up, it looks a small piece of plastic on the fan plug were damaged, but the smcfancontrol app still can control its speed, therefore I think the fan is OK.


- during many retry, there was one time, the fan goes full speed at startup, with no front light off,(my current status is fan goes to full speed gently).


- the computer is connected with an AV amplifier, then output to a plasma TV, when the computer is powered off, the TV displays a background of amp, when I startup the computer, although no video output from computer, the TV goes to a "No Signal" status, I dont's think this is related to my problem.


the computer is out of warrentee, but bought only for less than two years... I really want it back to work, can someone help me? many thanks!


wish you all have a good day.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hi, it doesn't sound good, but when you did the PMU/SMU reset, did you not only unplug the power, but all peripherals, including monitor/TV?

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    Hard to troubleshoot when you can't turn on the computer on any more.  One option is to bring it to an Apple store to have them look at it.  They will tell you what is wrong and how much it will cost to fix.  I have never heard of them charging for a diagnostic and an estimate.


    If your CPU was running hot all the time and your fan had small plastic pieaces, in my opinion, something got fried.  The mini is so compact, that the excessive heat may have also over heated your hard drive causing thd "ka" sound.


    If you decide to continue in to use a Mac Mini as a media server, may I would suggest using iStat to monitor it.  I use iStat on my 2011 Mac Mini Media Server to monitor CPU usage, all sensors, and internet incoming and outcoming.