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Hi everyone. So today my early 2008 MacBook met the ground with full thrown-down force twice within a short period of time. Te result is a completely busted screen with shattered glass, a crumbling display, the wires literally hanging out of the sides and a metal portion of the screen hanging out from the back. The upper part of the case also suffered a crack running right up the middle and the screen itself now sits to the side and doesn't align with the magnets. The bottom half faired a little better (even though it landed on the bottom both times). After some attempt I got the computer to start and after a few minutes heard the little bing. I couldn't tell if it was actually functioning because the screen was completely black. During this I keep hearing a constant beeping coming from inside and a weird humming noise (different from the fan). I can also hear little fibers and ashes shifting as I tilt the laptop to the sides. My question is wether it would be worth fixing my laptop, what the price and steps to do so would be, and if I should just get a new laptop at this point.

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    Twice? Wow. I would say that your 5 year old macbook has suffered severe damage and at this point there's probably so much borken that it won't be worth either the money or time to fix it. You can always take it in to an Apple Store or AASP for an estimate though. Good luck.

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    I would say it's not likely worth fixing... especially a 2008 machine.  There really is no way to know the extent of the internal damage.  With a destroyed screen and likely logic board replacement, you're looking at something that would cost more than the machine is worth at this point.  You'd basically be replacing every major component.