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Hello, I just replaced my 4S's display, and after reassembly the iPhone powered on as normal, but - there is no sound, mic or vibration what so ever. It doesn't detect a headphone jack either. The mute button and volume buttons work just fine, volume control shows up but there is no vibrate or sound at all.


So this basically makes it useless as a phone ... Anyone know what could be causing the issue? I tightened the screws, tried reconnecting the cables and the speakers. Hoping this is not an issue with the audio IC. Definately not software related, tried full DFU restore, tried cleaning the dock connector and jack, the iPhone is NOT stuck in dock connector mode.


TL;DR: No sound from any speaker, no vibrate what so ever, no mic, doesn't detect headphone jack.


Anyone know what's wrong? Could it be a damaged Audio IC (don't really see how this can happen)? Broken flex cable?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3