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Pretend for a moment you only had these two choices to upgrade a MacPro 1,1 2.66 Quad (2006 model actually built in September of 2007) with 13 GB of RAM.  (At the moment I am faced with no other options.)


Just between these two video cards, which is more desirable: an NVIDIA 8800 GTS with just 512 MB of VRAM, or the slower NVIDIA 8800 GT but with 1 GB of VRAM.  My main need is to run Adobe Photoshop 13.0.5 ("CS6") under Lion 10.7.2 (or potentially Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and to drive two identical 22" CRT (analog) monitors in extended desktop mode, side by side.  ML 10.8.x does not run on this machine.


I understand that the GTS is substantially faster than the GT, but this particular unit comes with only 512 MB.  The slower and hotter GT comes with 1 GB and is $75 more expensive than the GTS.


Obviously, either one would be a step up from the stock NVIDIA 7300 GT.


Thanks in advance.

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