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How to delete a web page, (photo) accidently uploaded to Dashboard?

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    Close Dashboard altogether, and reopen it.  It typically will only survive while Dashbaord is open.

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    Brody; ..thank you for the reply.  I am unsure what is happening with Dashboard.  The other day I uploaded (saved-as), a link from the internet to Dashboard.  Now the uploaded image appears every time I click-on (access) Dashboard.  Nothing I am doing will delete it.  I tried to click-on the image to delete it, with no success.  I also note that a small dialog box also appears on the screen regarding my HP Printer.  However best I can tell it jsut shows the levels of ink, (colors) left on my cartridge.  Within this dialog box or two buttons, "Maintain Device" and "Shop for Supplies".

    Do you have any idea what I can do to delete these images from my Dashboard?


    Thanks for your help.

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    Use FindAnyFile to locate and move all com.apple.dashboard files to a folder on the desktop while maintaining info about their original path, and reboot.  This should default it to factory configuration.