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In my small-medium primary school (elementary school) I have a 10.5.8 server running on an intel MacPro desktop.  The majority of my workstations are iMacs and MacBooks running 10.6.8 and I've just added 12 new machines running 10.8.


I want to be able edit the dock preferences for my groups to add some new software, delete some obsolete apps etc.


I tried installing server admin tools for 10.6.8 on one of my Macbooks.  Server Admin works but server monitor and WGM both fail.


I tried installing server admin tools for 10.5.8 on one of my Macbooks but it refused to install due to it running 10.6, rather than 10.5


The software I want to add/deelte is ONLY on the workstations, not on the Server so how do I add/delete?


I tried mounting a workstation on the server using the workstation's admin p/w and then dragging the app icons into the dock prefs pane but it didn't work - when I tried using the icon in the dock on one of my other workstations, it tried to mount the workstation I mounted on the server rather than running the local version of the app.


I thought I had done it this way before but obviously I'm doing something wrong.