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I can't seem to find in the manual where you can apply fades in small increments. I know there is a keyboard key you hit while applying the fade with the fade tool that will apply it in small increments.


When I use the fade tool It always applies a certain amount of fade and I can't figure out how to apply it in small increments from the very start with the fade tool.


Also for some reason I cannot use the fade tool at the end of some regions. At the very least can someone direct me to the areas in the manual where it discusses this and I will read it.

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    I'm not aware of a modifier key that allows for fine-tuning on the fade tool.  Zoom level affects this.  Also, keep in mind what you see is not what you get - the fades can graphically appear longer than they are if you are zoomed out.  To get a fine-tune while zoomed out click-drag the number field in the inspector instead of using the fade tool.  It's blank if there is no fade yet, but you can drag and apply very small amounts.  If you are not sure where to click-drag, use the fade tool and look at the inspector to see the #'s change.  You can select several regions and put the same fade all at once.


    While looking at the inspector, you might see the words "Eq. pwr" or something like that.  IIRC when you set-up a cross fade with certain settings, and then try to change it to just a fade out it won't work.  You need to change it back to 'fade out' or whatever.