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    then i tried to format it and when i right-clicked format i didnt see anything that said "allocate divice". i am using a windows 7 with a 160gb ipod classic, i know its not the computer because my friend has the same ipod and it doesnt freeze my itunes when they plug theirs in....any ideas?

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    i deleted everything except ipod control and followed all the steps and it still doesnt work.....

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    I'm having the same problem with my 160GB ipod classic. I'm on a macbook running OSX 10.6.8 and iTunes 11.0.2. When I plug my iPod into my MacBook, sometimes it freezes iTunes, other times, it removes all music from my iPod and then I have to re-sync it. Has anyone figured this problem out?

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    This worked for me.

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    For months my iTunes would become unresponsive when I plugged in my iPod Classic 60gb...the iPod said it was connected, but it never appeared in iTunes and I'd have to disconnect the iPod and force iTunes to shut down.


    Finally found this thread and was able to resolve the issue by putting the iPod into Disc Mode and Formatting it.


    After the format, iTunes immediately recognized the iPod as new and I began the setup and sync process.


    After my library finishes loading back on, I'm hoping my original issue of it no longer working in my Mitsubishi Outlander with the FUSE system is also resolved.

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    I have a solution for those of you that can do this.  I have a windows 8 pc.  Before finding a result I searched "Ipod freezes itunes when connected" and go this page.  Seeing there were no responses I thought I'd come back and give some advice.


    So what I did was plug my Ipod into my brothers computer.  In which, it told me my ipod was corrupted and I had to restore it.  So I did. Its back to factory settings. I bring it back to my laptop where it initially corrupted and wouldn't read and its working fine.  I've restored it again and works fine.


    Hope this helps.

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    I have an iPhone and the newest iPod, (iPod Touch 5th generation, iPhone 4S) & for the last week or so every time I'd plug my phone or iPod in to sync it my iTunes would freeze and become unresponsive, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, I tried plugging only one in at a time, I tried alternating the order I plugged them in, nothing worked. So finally I googled and found this page and tried almost all of the suggestions listed here and nothing worked for me not even starting iTunes in safe mode (hold down shift and ctrl while manually starting iTunes) so I am frustrated and at a extreme lost.

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    I have been battling this issue for ages, and seeing how many other poor people have this issue with little to no help from apple. I will post what worked for me. I tried everything, I mean everything and my itunes would still freeze when my iphone was connected.


    go to podcasts on your device, and delete every single episode you have. This instantly fixed my problem and I hope it helps people in the future.

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    This is what got my iPod Classic fixed and syncing properly with iTunes again. (Using Mac OS X)


    Open Terminal. Enter:

    defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool true;killall Finder




    • Disconnect iPod from Mac. Quit iTunes.
    • Hold down the center button and the Menu button of the iPod, until it restarts.
    • quickly hold down the center  button and the Play button until Disk Mode appears.
    • Connect iPod to Mac.
    • Double click the iPod icon on the Desktop to open it.
    • A dimmmed "iPod Control" folder will appear. Trash it. Empty the Trash.
    • Disconnect and restart iPod
    • Open iTunes
    • Reconnect iPod to Mac


    iTunes should now display a "welcome to your new iPod" screen. You should then be able to use the Restore button to restore the iPod's factory settings and reload all your tracks to it.


    When done, use Terminal to re-hide the hidden files:

    defaults delete com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles;killall Finder

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    Although there are a  lot replies to this thread, I thought I'd I'd add a quick $.02. My quickest soln to geting beyond the freeze and the complete freeze-up of all screens open, was to reformat my Classic 30 gig Ipod. And the only way to do that was to get onto a computer without ITunes, because then I could access the IPod as a disk drive. When Itunes is present and hung up, it gets in the way, won't let you talk to the ipod as a disk drive.


    So, on the auxilliary computer, just rightclick on the disk drive, select Format, hit restore defaults, and then Qucik Format. Takes less than a minute  (others have recommended this, just thought I'd reinforce this as a quick, complete soln. Not a problem since all your data is retained by your Itunes.). And of course then return to your ITunbes machine which will recognize your now clean IPOD as a new device.


    Oh, ONE MORE THING (as Steve Jobs would say). I believe these older IPODS get into this trouble and hang up our ITUNES when we - in our haste - forget to eject them before unplugging them. Pretty sure that's what I did....

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    I did everything that link said, and nothing changed. I reinstalled and checked on different users and tryed to change security and still nothing. I don't know what to do and this is really frustrating.

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    So close Eric TD, so close.


    I did as you stated, connected back to my other computer and iTunes didn't crash! It then wanted to resotre software as it actually recognized the ipod! BUT once it did that and restarted the iPod ... iTunes hung again as usual. Ugh.

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    Try disabling iTunesHelper. I had this issue on both my Mac and Windows 8.1 machine, and removed iTunesHelper from startup items (Mac), and disabled it in MSCONFIG (Windows) and it seems to have fixed all issues with sync.