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"Other" data (iPhone) - How do I remove this junk?

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  • Bakapato Calculating status...

    I had about 4.9 Gig worth of the devil "other" on my Iphone 4S.  Did a complete restore to factory setting, then restored my phone back form my Itunes backup, did nothing   So was just playing around with the phone and I got a lot of saved Text Messages !!  Why ??!! So deleted everyone of them....plugged phone back in, devil "other" was now down to just over 1 Gig !!!! Me happy times   Give it a try, didn't even realize why I was saving all those text messages.

  • notafanofsummer Calculating status...

    okay guys, Im back. I downloaded PhoneClean and it saved me like 396 MB, but I still have 11.87 Used in my Other category. I did the restore as backup and that actually increased my other by a little.. I noticed that Phone clean spent a LOT of time on Facebook/Twitter?Pandora cleaning it up, so I deleted the FB app and have used it through the website only.. NO change in other.. Odd.. Im still not ready to commit to the resotre as new..
    Keep You guys posted.


    P.S. Thank you to Mr Luigi for taking the time to help me out:)

  • notafanofsummer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    you guys keep mentioning all these texts and files and what not; are these just reagular imessages you arent deleting>? I have 152 pictures, maybe 7 songs I use for kids church worship on a pplaylist in itunes.. I dont save texts or emails.. I like clean folders and electronics,.. Keep the advice coming.. I appreciate my apple family!

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi notafanofsummer!


    I thought I'd pass this on to you and others...just in case.  I was watching a podcast of MacMost Now.  In that podcast they mentioned that Audible audiobooks are stored in "other."  I don't know if this goes for all audiobooks.  But, if any of the readers of this forum are big audiobook fans, and don't tend to delete their audiobooks once listened to, that could account for a portion of that nasty "other" data.


    With regard to your question about texts...


    Yes, I believe when folks are saying "text messages" most of those are probably iMessages (text messages from other iDevice users).  Essentially, anything in the "message" app.


    I, like you, am quite "tidy" when it comes to text messages.  I don't keep any around for long.  Now that I know the effect those text messages (including attached photos) have on "other" data I am happy to be so anal about keeping my "Message" app clean!  If I get a text message with a picture, and I like the picture, I save it to Photos.  Eventually, it then gets synced to iPhoto on my computer.  This works better for me, organizationally, and it gets all those text messages out of there!


    One thing I don't like about the way iMessage works is when you delete a message on one of your Apple devices is does NOT delete that message on any other Apple device you have that is also running the Message app.  You have to delete, redelete, redelete...  I use my iPhone, by far, the most for iMessages.  So I forget for extended periods to delete those same iMessages on my iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini!  I wish Apple would allow the user to be able to select "delete Messages on all Devices" as an option.  Oh well...another thing to keep track of when considering all the angles affecting this "other" data issue.


    I understand your reluctance to "restore as new."  While you continue to ponder your options you may want to try downloading an app mentioned by several other posters, "ifunbox."  It gives you access to the file structure of your iPhone at a much deeper level than iTunes.  I just used it recently to remove some orphaned voice messages that I knew were "stuck" on my iPhone, but I could not remove them.  It was easy to find them with "ifunbox" and delete them.  Another application in this genre is "DiskAid."  To get the full functionality of "DiskAid" there is a cost, but you can get a free version with a couple of its functionalities.  Those functionalities are enough to get at the file structure of your iPhone like "iFunbox."  Who knows, with these apps you could look around and you just may find where that 11+ GB of "other" data is lurking.  Just be careful, you need to know what you're doing when you start deleting things using these apps as you don't want to delete the baby with the bathwater!  Also, let's not forget that there will always be SOME other data on every iDevice.  Some of that "other" data is good and necessary even if Apple hasn't deemed it worthy of having a more special name.


    OK, good luck.  And do enjoy your summer.  :-)

  • Subash K Calculating status...

    This does not work as the backup contains the 'other' content. The 'other' is nothing but the history, the messages in your account, the call log etc. There is no need to restore the device. Just delete the history in your web browsers like safari, chrome, youtube etc. Delete your account in the mail app. Do not leave messages in your app like friend requests in game center. Either accept it or reject them. Log out your facebook account if you have one and you have the facebook app. Like this if you see each minor things, while syncing, the other will be erased totally. Itried this but in some but I did not do all the cleaning process. I had 700 mb 'other' memory and it reduced to about 300 mb. Try this, it maight work for you also..

  • Junebns Calculating status...

    I find a good rule of thumb is to remember that ANYTHING not listed in an iTunes standard category. ( music, apps, photos etc) falls under "other."  A total restore is all that was able to save my over 10GB from the "other" demons but I have found an extra GB or so by emptying my email trash manually instead of waiting for the iPhone to do it's scheduled dump AND CLEAR BOOKMARKS. I couldn't believe how many book marks I had created over the course of a year and all of these saved links add to "other!" 

    :) June


    Ps thanks Luigi for all of your consistent support with this issue. Hopefully apple with decide to officially address the black hole of "other"

  • HopeAlexis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello. This may sound supid but I'm not sure what a restore is or a corrupt file on my phone). Will it erase a lot of information on my phone? I have over 4GB of "other" info on my 8?GB phone. I haven't the smallest iPhone4. I also have the Campus Life app, and am wondering if this is causing my other to fill. I don't want to delete the app, and lose all of my progress, but I'm really not sure hpo all of this works. Thanks in advanced for any of your help.

  • HopeAlexis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    what is data corruption?

  • Edg-R Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Currently Being Moderated
    Jun 17, 2013 11:27 PM (in response to HopeAlexis)

    Data that has become corrupted... or unreadable.

  • Edg-R Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Having used iOS 7 Beta 1 since the day it was released to Devs... I can honestly say that the issue seems to be gone. My Other has been around 200MB at the most.

  • notafanofsummer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    well The restore as new worked. I did not back up and am starting completely from scratch. pleased to say my other is nonexistant. Thanks so much everybody!

  • cheonweb Level 4 Level 4 (3,440 points)
    Currently Being Moderated
    Jun 18, 2013 3:57 PM (in response to Edg-R)

    Not good idea to upgrade to beta iOS 7 if you are not a developer.


    "Others" are in-app data. Check one by one all your apps data in Settings>General>Usage. The numbers you will see there are the sum of in-app data and the actual app together. If you tap on an app you will see the in-app data only. (Exception: In Photos and Camera you will see only the in-app data (your photos and Videos) because the actual apps are part of iOS.)


    Sometimes they are corrupted files. You can try to restore from back up or un-sync your music and photos and sync them back again. Maybe "Others" reduced that way.

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi HopeAlexis,


    This link will give you a very basic understanding of what "restoring as new" is.  You can google the phrase and find many more links to check.  There are also some fine YouTube videos that walk you through the restore process.  However, the last time i posted a YouTube link on this forum the moderators removed it.  So, I assume posting YouTube links here is against forum rules.  One thing not clearly mentioned in this Apple support document is that "restoring as new" (as well as restoring from backup) install a fresh copy of the firmware and software on your iPhone.



    BTW, although "restoring from backup" is not nearly as consistently effective a way to address the "other" data problem than "restoring as new" it DOES work a percentage of the time.  One of the reasons is that it does replace the fimware and software.  If your firmware or software has become corrupt (errors in the coding, etc.) it has a good chance of fixing your "other" data problem.  "Replacing from backup" also removes certain settings, it removes downloaded maps on GPS navigators, etc. So, if any if those things have become corrupted you may get a fix out of "restoring from backup."  But, as you can tell from this forum, if you want a sure fire way to fix your "other" data problem, AND ARE PREPARED TO COMMIT THE TIME NECESSARY TO ESSENTIALLY SET UP A PHONE FROM SCRATCH "restore as new" will do the trick unless there is something truly wrong with your phone.

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    @ notafanofsummer


    You did it!!! Congratulations. :-)

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    @ HopeAlexis


    Darn..I'm an idiot. I never really answered your question.


    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the app Campus Life.  But, if its data is stored on your phone and you "restore as new" that data is going to be erased as you will be loading a fresh copy of the app after restoring as new.  Remember, restoring as new leaves you with a phone that is, more or less, what you had when you walked out of the store the day you bought it.  Now, if that app stores your personal data on its servers (in the Cloud) then you should be able to retrieve the data and put it back on your phone.


    BUT!!! What if the data in that app is corrupt and your problem?‽ ‽ !


    One of the big reasons for restoring as new is to start fresh with nothing from the old phone.  It is the nuclear option that assures you whatever is messing up your phone will be removed.


    I will say this.  You "only" have 4GB of "other" data.  Have you first tried all the preliminary steps to reducing "other" before considering restoring?  All text messages deleted?  Have you deleted your e-mail accounts and then reinstalled them? Cleared your Safari cache and removed unnecessary bookmarks?  Do you have a long list of "Read Later" items in Safari?  The Facebook app can be a data hog.  If you have it you could delete the Facebook app and then reinstall it.  Any audiobooks you're done listening to but haven't deleted?  This forum is loaded with suggestions for places to look for sources of "other" data that you can delete without having to resort to a restore.


    Hope this helps.


    Mr. Luigi

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