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Im trying to upgrade a 10.5 machine to 10.7. Ive done the 10.6 install from a retail pack and then done the combo update to 10.6.8 plus the supplemental install. I have also downloaded another copy of the "installer app" on my main machine copied it over and tried agian ... and again. Also I have actually used this Installer app on another machine already on 10.6 without issue ... So I dont think it's the app ...


Machine should be up to spec for 10.7, in fact I have an Emergency Firewire drive with 10.7 on it and it boots no problem.


I have done lots of searches but cant find a fix or answer as to why I have this issue, but it seems to be well documented as to being a common problem.


Any suggestions as to an easy fix ?  Otherwise it's the not so easy one I found after lunch ... reformat and start again !!!