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I am trying to switch views on a couple of angles and the audio isn't cooperating.


I have two camera views and a separately recorded audio track for same. I created an in-sync multicam clip, no problem. However, now that I have that multicam clip in the timeline, when I switch between the two views I lose the good audio as soon as I make the cut.


I started by going to the clips multi-angle view in the viewer window and selected the good audio track. I clicked on the filmstrip icon to make it blue and the keyline around the audio icon turned green; as it should. I played back the clip and was able to switch views with the audio remaining from the good audio clip; the two video views now with a blue line around each thumbnail.


With the clip in the timeline I play the clip to where I want to switch views and hit "2" to switch to view 2. When I do, the audio to the left of the cut remains the good audio track, but to the right of the cut the audio switches to the scratch audio of the camera that shot that view. If I move forward in the clip and hit "1" to switch back to view 1, the audio switches to the recording from THAT camera. The good audio clip is rendered useless once the switch cut has been made, never to return.


I followed instructions to a "T" on making the multicam switch and I hope I describe it well enough above to illustrate that fact, but clearly something's not going right. Any clues?

Final Cut Pro X