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My iPod (Photo)  has been working with no problems till yesterday. It keeps disappearing from the desktop resulting in a message saying "the disk was not ejected properly......"  Strangley it stays under devices in iTunes but then a message appears saying "the ipod cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-25170).


I have restored it twice , forced it into Disk Mode etc and is fully charged.

I have managed to repair it successfully with Disk Utility


It still suddenly drops off the desktop but remains in iTunes but cannot be synced.


Anyone have any ideas?

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    Never ran across that error before. Are you running the latest version of iTunes (10.7 at the time of this writing)?  Are you using the cable that was originally included with the iPod?


    Sometimes odd errors like this can simply be resolved by rebooting your PC/Mac and iPod.



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    This is an addition to my original post;

    Same iPod (60GB Clickwheel/Photo) but if I use the usb cable that came with it, the iPod appears on the desktop and opens iTunes but quite often it disappears from both with the popup window saying " devices was not properly ejected......etc"

    Today it did this several times and with different (Apple) usb cables and in different ports. Apart from freezing the iMac up I was eventually able to restore it back to its original state before embarking on loading up my songs and photos.

    However, if I use a (Apple) firewire cable from the iPod connected to a firewire 800 to 400 adapter to the fw 800 port  everything works as it should and I'm able to sync successfully.

    Using Disk Utility it was able to repair the iPod without any problems.

    It is also enabled for Disk Use.


    Does anyone have any ideas as to the problem?   It charges and plays as it should. Its only the problem of connecting with a usb cable(s)