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I've searched every which way I thought would get me an answer, but I never found an answer -- so I thought I'd post.


Using the most recent verison of Aperture on 3 systems (two iMacs, and a MacBook Air). I use Photo Stream on all of them, so they all have the same "Apr 2013 Photo Stream," "May 2013 Photo Stream," "Jun 2013 Photo Stream," etc. -- all the way back to Mar 2012. All of this works perfectly with no problems.


Fast forward to today, and I bought a new MacBook Pro. I installed Aperture, set iit up like I have it set on my other systems, and the only Photo Streams it imported were May and June 2013. I've rebuilt, repaired, created a new database, and so on -- and no matter what I do, I only get May and June 2013 showing up on my new system.


Any thoughts?