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I need to reach to my Aperture's .plit file that must be in username/Library/Preferences . But in that folder there is no com.apple.aperture.plist file. I made search by Sotlight but no such file is found. What may be the problem? I have a viewer screen problem, my photos are seen just as a single line so I need to find and erase this .plist file to solve the problem.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Are you sure you are viewing the user library and not the system library?


    The User Library (username/Library) is hidden by default in Mac OS X (10.7.5).


    To open it in a Finder window use the "Go" menu from the Finder's main menu bar:


    • Quit Aperture, if it is running. Log off and on again.
    • Open the user library by using the Finder's "Go > Go to Folder" menu and hold down the options-key, until "Library" appears in the drop down menu. Select it.
    • In the widow that will open, scroll down to "Preferences"
    • From the "Preferences" folder  remove "com.apple.Aperture.plist".


    Then try to launch Aperture again.


    I am pretty sure, that the com.apple.Aperture.plist file must be there. If the file is not there, Aperture will recreate it when launching.


    In the rare case, that Aperture cannot create this file, because the user library is not writable,

    Then Aperture will write to $TMPDIR instead.

    Check this temporary directory - you can open it from the Terminal:  Launch the Terminal.app from Applications > Utilities and and enter the following line:

          open $TMPDIR

    Hit return. This will open a Finder window. Look for a folder "com.apple.Aperture"

    You can delete its contents.

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    OK, this solved my problem. Thank you very much.

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    You are welcome!