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Hi there.


Hoping someone can help me determine whether this is a problem with the iPhone or the network I'm on atm. At present I'm finding it virtually impossible to connect to Three via 3G on my iPhone. It will say it's connected, I will get push notifications, but I can't browse the web/safari/check anything. I also have difficulty browsing on my iPad however.(also with Three)


I have tried to connect to 3G in other places and still have the same problem, so I know it can't be a signal problem in my home, unless it's a signal problem in general. However I contacted ThreeUKSupport on Twitter, who say my area has no faults.


Any advice? Don't really wanna travel all the way to an Apple store if I don't need to, but I rely on my 3G for alot of things.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3