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Help! I can't get my 2006 MacBook to start up passed the white screen with the gray apple logo. I've done all the types of reboots I'm aware of:

Shift, Command, and V

Command and S

Command, Option, P, and R,


I get as far as the black screen with the white text. When the text stops, nothing happens, and I am unable to type anything. The last line of the text read:

jnl: unknown-dev: update_fs_block: error reading fs block # 936 (ret 5)


I don't know what else to do and I'm definitely not tech savvy.

I even took the MacBook apart and cleaned out all the lint as best as I could.


Any suggestions?  I'd like to fix this at home and not have to take it to a Mac Store. I've had bad experiences in the store. The young people working there are always trying to push more expensive items on me. It's like going to Jiffy Lube and they tell you need a major expensive service, when you really don't.


Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities. We're all users here.


    It sounds like a hard-disk error could be keeping your computer from starting normally.

    This guide may help:


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    So I tried everything from that link and got as far Mac OSX Snow Leopard installer screen.  The first few times I would click on Disk Utility in the upper tool bar, the computer would just stall. After a few times of shutting down and restarting while pressing "C", I finally made it to the Disk Utility box. But there's nothing in the box to click on. Is it possible it's not able to find my HD at all???


    Also, when I try to safe boot and the white text has finished coming up on the screen, I am unable to type anything in.

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    Just to confirm, you are only trying to boot from your own computer's internal disk drive, not from a network, right?


    If your hard drive is bad or going bad, it is possible that the your computer and Disk Utility will not recognize it at all.


    There are advanced 'disk-doctor' programs that might be able to fix the problem, but I've never used any of them to fix an OS X drive, so I can't recommend one. And there is no guarantee any disk program can fix the hard drive problem, or that a failing hard drive will 'stay fixed'.


    It is often better just to get a new hard drive...

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    Yes, I think on my next paycheck I will just buy a new hard drive. I don't know how long the original MacBook hard drives usually last, but mine's been going for 6 years now. Hopefully a new hard drive will answer my problems. Thank you.