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Has anyone figured out how to stop Safari 6 from reloading pages when you hit back? ie make it use the cached version since that's what it's there for? I saw somewhere awhile ago it was some strange part of the current version of webkit but I'm hoping someone has figured out how to disable it by now.

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    This may have been answered somewhere but I didn't see it. So I'm answering myself in case it helps someone else.


    Safari doesn't reload upon hitting back, it only reloads when you use the two finger swipe back on the trackpad. So I've jsut gone back to hitting the back button which doesn't do this. Kind of dumb to have them do different behaviors but whatever, anything that fixes the problem I guess.

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    Hmmm.... not for me.  Here we are, 6 months later and I get the same irritating behaviour with a swipe or the back button.  It appears that Apple have no intention of resolving this so I've been forced to Chrome, or maybe Firefox.  I am regretting upgrading to OS10.8.....