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I am running windows 7 via bootcamp on a late 2009 macbook (white plastic one). The instal worked fine and I followed the instructions (running OS X Lion) to the letter, including updating all the drivers via a windows formatted USB etc.


The install worked fine - great, was pleased.


I reboot back into OS X and use my mac as normal, but when restarting back into windows the trackpad stops working alltogether.


I have searched and searched but cannot find a fix.


If I open device manager and delete the Apple Multitouch Mouse driver (using keyboard), reboot into Mac OS X then the trackpad doesnt work in OS X either.

If I restart another time (I know - ridiculous) then it starts working in OS X.


If I again restart into windows the trackpad works.



SO basically, I cannot switch between running OS X and Windows without a lot of frustrating deleting of drivers using keyboard to navigate and restarting about 10 times. The whole reason I have used bootcamp is there is one programme that is windows only i have to use for work, everything else I use OS X.


Any ideas? Don't really want to do a complete re-install.


(PS I tried re-installing the drivers by using the USB formatted via bootcamp assistant, updating the drivers via device manager etc)

MacBook (13-inch Late 2009), Windows 7