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For years now I've been using iPhoto Library Manager (now 3.6.8) to manage iPhoto (now 9.4.3) libraries with my tens of thousands of photos. I tried a while back to switch to a single Aperture library, but, at 41GB, it took an immensely long time to load and then ran extremely slowly. I had heard that Aperture was designed to handle much larger numbers of photos than that with little difficulty. In order to do so, should I be using a referenced library? And if so, will I run into the same problem that I did with my referenced iPhoto libraries last time I migrated to a new computer, where the paths to all my photos were lost and I had to spend hours recovering those manually? I've run out of space on my current drive, so I'm looking for a long-term solution to manage nearly 100GB/50,000+ photos that is a little more resilient than iPhoto, and ideally that still allows me to keep my own organization schema.


Aperture 3.4.5

OS X 10.7.5

2.53 GHz i5

4GB ram

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Aperture 3.4.5