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I'm setting up my home project studio for a session tomorrow involving one other person. I want to be able for both of us to have independent control over my imac with a trackpad and a usb mouse (although any combination of two controllers will work for me: two trackpads, two usb mice, one of each. As long as we have full and separate control over a single DAW program. The ability for one person to adjust plugins/sound design and another to automate/level would make production faster and the creative process seemless while working with another person in digital audio!


I recently ran into WunderWork's TeamPlayer3 software for Windows (http://www.dicolab.com/). Is there anything like this developed for OSX? DualOSX is the only one I know of and this is a known scam, although this is exactly what I'm going for...


Also, are their any alternative technical setups I can do as well? My friend and I both own own macbooks, so is there anyway to get the desired effect, two independent mice controls/inputs in a single program, on OSX 10.8.4? This would be like using two computers slaved to one master OSX (My imac).


Anyways, I'm excited to hear your creative suggestions. If it can't be done I would like to know why so I might be able to figure out a solution myself. Thanks in advance!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 12 GB Ram