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java won't load mac os10.7.5 java 7

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Same question here.  I have uninstalled Java, reinstalled Java, checked prefs and it's enabled, but when try to use it says updated version of Java not found - reinstall.  Doesn't work.  When I test to see if Java is active I get a message that I have an "Inactive plugin"  but all indications are that it is active.  Very frustrated.

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    Spent an hour on the phone and my problem is solved.  They are going to send me an email listing what we did to solve my problem.  When I get it will post and share.

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    These are the steps we took:

    -verfied latest version is installed -uninstalled and reinstalled java -made sure java was enabled in safari preferences -made sure block pop-ups was not selected in safari preferences -clicked safari>reset safari -quit safari -opened Finder, clicked go on the menu bar at top of computer screen, held down option key and clicked library -made sure the view is "icon view" and highlight everything (command A) and drag them to the trash can -reboot computer -go to java.com>do i have java>verify java version   Allow the applet to install.  You should be all set.


    Hope this helps.  Please post if this works or not.

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    very helpful. thanks

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    You describe steps for opening your user library and trashing all of its contents. That will effect a lot of apps.  Are you sure it wan't just the ~/Library/Safari folder or some of the items in ~/Library/Preferences?  I'd probably try making a new user account before doing this.

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    That's what the Apple Tech had me do.  I had the same problem again this past week but I skipped that step.  It's working again.  When you go to Java.com - do I have Java - if it tells you the Applet is not active, click on the message and it will make the Applet active.  Hope this helps.