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Okay. My old laptop died. I didn't use iTunes much on it but I had it and I'd authorized that and my iPhone. On my account it showed the old computer and my iPhone as Authorized.


I went to the support to find out how to authorize this computer when I could not download the albums I bought. The support tab told me to open the Store menu in iTunes and choose to authorize the computer on its menu.


Trouble is, there is no "Store" menu. Clicking on Store takes me to a page that's mostly trying to sell me albums I never heard of in genres I don't like and has a tiny little section off to the side where I can check my account, redeem, look at what I purchased and something else but not "authorize new computer."


My old computer is toast. It's dead. I can't access iTunes through it. On the new one I have iTunes downloaded for the 64 bit version and I've got Windows 7.


I need to know why I don't have that menu or that option and how I can authorize this computer without it.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3, All Phone Contacts GONE!!!