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Okay so I have spent the last week searching thru fixes to this issue and have not found any. I have a handful of songs and videos that will not upload to Icloud, I get the message "this item is inelgible for icloud". These have all been purchased thru Itunes under a different Itunes ID but yet over 750 other songs I downloaded under that same ID uploaded just fine. I stopped using that ID last year and now use a different one.


I have tried to create a AAC version but i get the message "protected files cannot be converted to other formats. I have tried to delete out of my library and in the folder on the hard drive create a mp3 version of the song but it will not upload.


Please only respond if you really know what the answer is. I have gotten some real "winners" trying to help me last night.


In another discussion i had opened up I got some bogus help


So I keep getting replies from people that state music isnt stored in the cloud ? Okay then why is it everywhere you read on Apple site that states music in the cloud ? Why when I right click on a song it states "add to cloud" The cloud is a server, we all get it. Its not an imaginary fluffy cloud floating around in the sky with all my data, duh...but stop repsonding to me like your helping me stating that music is not stored in the cloud. It clearly states to upload to iCloud.


So if you can not help me with this do not respond unless you really know what your talking about.


I get an email from someone last night responding to this string, but yet it does not show up here stating the same thing. Do you not read Apple's web site ? Have you not clicked on the Match tab in iTunes and see the statement your iTunes library is now availabe in iCloud then right underneath it states X amount of songs are now available in iCloud.


like the guy Csound1 that clearly stated this:




Re: Inelgible for Icloud


Jun 23, 2013 1:54 PM (in response to scottcunni)


You mean iTunes, iCloud does not store your music.


Ineligible item include protected items, songs that have a low sampling rate (96K or less) songs that are over 200MB, I'll find the complete list and post it here.

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    If you purchased the tracks with another Apple ID you need to authorize your computer with that Apple ID to play the tracks so they will become eligible for iTunes Match. They will then be uploaded to the cloud, not matched. if you are unable to authorize your computer with the Apple ID then you can burn the protected tracks an Audio CD and rip them back to your iTunes library as unrestricted AAC or MP3 tracks.


    I also believe you are confusing two services offered by Apple. iCloud and iTunes Match are not the same service, and iTunes Match does not use your iCloud storage for uploaded and matched tracks. The two services do not require each other. Of course your tracks are "in the cloud," but they are not "in iCloud."

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    I got this taken care of this morning by calling apple care....the songs are uploaded to the cloud. iTunes even states that they are available in the cloud....when you right click a song in iTunes it asks you to send to the cloud....so whatever your idea is of cloud or where you think the songs go is your thought. My thinking is they all reside on a partitioned server that Apple has set aside for my songs that is seperate from iCloud where pictures, contacts, etc reside..........but still Apple calls it a cloud..........so its a cloud.........but not iCloud


    But I'm all set, I didnt have to jump thru hoops, didnt have to re-download any songs or change them to MP3's or any of the crazy stuff being offered on some of these discussions. took all of 4 1/2 minutes......

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    Just a fyi for everyone reading this. None of these suggestions helped me in the least bit. If you need real answers you need to go into a Apple store or call Apple care. I was taken care of in 5 minutes. Nothing anyone on the site suggested helped.

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    What did Apple care suggest as the solution?

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    Glad you got it sorted out. I certainly will not be offering you any help in the future.

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    Michael, nothing was directed at you but only to csound1, you tried explaining things, and at least stated music is stored in "a cloud". But, just a FYI, Apple calls it iCloud where your music is stored after it is matched. No its not the same "iCloud" that your other data is stored, but another partitioned server that they refer to iCloud. It states on the tab labeled Match in iTunes "your music is now available in iCloud".


    I appreciated your direction, however the other guy was just..................a nuisance.


    I apologize if you took it the wrong way.

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    When I typed that response regarding none of the suggestions worked for me, I thought I was on the other thread that csound1 kept telling me there was no such thing as music stored in a cloud.


    again, nothing was directed at you. I apologize if it came across that way.

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    Michael, Apple may be responsible for the confusion here, once the 3 step process completes for iTunes Match the confirmatory message returned under the Match tab does directly refer to iCloud.


    The re-use of the iCloud term by Apple is their overloading of the same term.  Apple have clearly not chosen to reserve the term iCloud solely for the service offered under that name.


    "Your iTunes library is now available in iCloud" is the exact form used by Apple when presenting the iTunes Match result.

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    My issue was a little bit different than normal. I had purchased about 850 songs a few years ago thru iTunes on a different apple id. After a change in my life,  I created a new apple id and all the songs were able to play on my new computer , iPhones and iPads, when I signed up for Match all the music matched and uploaded to the cloud with the exception of about 15. Those 15 fell off and had become password protected. Apple care cared for that.


    The songs still showed as attached to my to my old apple id and were authorized to play on all my products, just with those 15 something happened to those.

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    Good to see this, Michael's response was accurate, the overloading of the iCloud term by Apple is not always helpful.  Great to know that it has ended well.

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    Thank you ! Im not crazy......well alittle...........

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    Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,710 points)

    I appreciate the apology.

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    yes over used. Its funny, at my work computer I open up iTunes, match is turned on so all my music is there and available for me to listen to. next to the song there is a little cloud  and when you hover over it it states "download from iCloud"


    So Apple needs to come up with a term to use for the music portion of it


    I understand that "cloud" is just a server, and that I can not go to my "iCloud" account and get my music. But when you have a issue and you are typing the info you see on the screen into your question and some of the people trying to help dont understand.........well you get what I got with "csound1" who stated that music isnt stored in a cloud.......


    call the music cloud something clever..............

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    It already has a name, iTunes Cloud, accessed via iTunes which is exactly what I told you, You got so stuck on iCloud that you didn't comprehend.




    iPhoto (photographs)

    iTunes (music and videos)

    iCloud (data etc)


    I also posted the links to the explanation  for "Not Eligible'  you failed to read (or maybe comprehend) that songs in a different account don't get matched.


    I am amazed at your lack of comprehension but as it's fixed you don't need anymore help here.


    Your posts were removed by the hosts (not me as you keep on stating) because they failed to meet the TOU, (incorrect information and offensive)


    Have a thoroughly good day.

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