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I've been using OS X server for a while but stayed on 10.5. Today I have to upgrade and I'm a little confused between profile manager and workgroup manager.

From my understanding they do both the same. Does Apple have the intention to stop WGM?


Are there any recommendations on one or the other? We're in a school with about 300 students. My feeling is that WGM has more setting but may be Profile Manager is more reliable?


Thanks for your help, Guy

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    The KB article on Workgroup Manager (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5308) states it has been deprecated already, and is only provided as a "legacy" application. Move to profiles.

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    Thanks for that!

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    What happens if you have conflicting settings configured on Workgroup vs Profile manager?

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    Profile Manager is definitely NOT more reliable, especially as the number of devices gets over 1,000 (speaking from experience and many Apple Cases later).


    Profile Manager is "the" replacement for Workgroup Manager, but at this point is still not "a" replacement for Workgroup Manager. Workgroup Manager can do more as far as setting preferences.


    For example, I can set all Google Chrome preferences for all computers in our district with Workgroup Manager. Can't be done with Profile Manager.


    I can set Printing Preferences for all our computers in the district (which printers get added, if they should duplex, if secured printing is desired, etc) using Workgroup Manager. Cannot do that with Profile Manager.


    Of course there are some things Profile Manager can do that Workgroup Manager cannot, but there are other utilities (Munki, DeployStudio), that can take care of that. Profile Manager is currently NOT a replacement for Workgroup Manager.