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I have an iPhone 4s. The other day my contacts randomly deleted themselves. I hadn't backed them up at all but was able to manually input most of the ones I had. After this happened, I decided that I should probably backup the rest of my phone so the same thing didn't happen again. I saved my backup via iTunes and after that was complete, I updated to the latest iPhone software. When my phone rebooted, it didn't reset like I usually does. Instead, it told me to connect to itunes. When I did so, it said that it was in recovery mode and I couldn't back it up until it was out of it. I then just restored my phone to factory settings. I connected to iCloud and it restored what I had transfered on there previously. However, now when I try to restore my phone using iTunes it says:


iTunes could no restore the iPhone because no enough free space is available on the iphone


According to iTunes my phone capacity is Apps: .19GB, Other: .30GB and Free: 13.1GB


It seems to me that there is plenty of free space but I have no idea what to do from this point. I have read through other similar threads in the forums and the responses were too complex for me to figure out. If it's not too much trouble, could someone explain to me where to go from here and whether or not I will be able to restore to my backup. (I also have two other previous backups and it says the same thing for those as well so I don't think they are all corrupt.)


Thanks in advance!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4