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I've created a project through iDVD that I'd like to send electronically through Google Drive, but Google doesn't regognize the dvdproj file extention. I want to keep the iDVD format because it includes a menu feature. I'm running OS 10.8.6 and iLife '11. How can I do this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    You can compress the dvdproj file to a ZIP file with Finder (just tried it on my MBA, it wworks).


    No idea what Google might do with a .ZIP file though.

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    Can it be a size problem ?


    My e-mail is limited to Max 25MB - and as an iDVD project this is Very Small !


    I use "YouSendIt" (www.yousendit.com) when I need to get bigger files over (200MB free as I remember it and much larger for a fee)


    Still - a 4GB file will take lot's of time to transfer electronically for me so I rather

    • burn as a Data-DVD

    • Save on an USB-Memory stick

    Sent by Snail-Mail (or UPS or alike)


    Yours Bengt W

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    Do you want to have included in the project all of the media, i.e. photos, movies and audio, used? If so you need to save the project as an archived project.




    If you dont then when the project file is opened on another Mac an error message that the photos/movies can't be found will appear and ask the user to located them which they won't be able to do.  With an archived file project all of the media used in it will be included in the project file.  Of course that will increase the file size.


    If you just want your custom layout to be included and no media then this post will self delete in 10, 9, 8......



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    OT -


    Excellent point about archiving.  Despite having made literally dozens of different DVDs with IDVD over the last few years I did not know about that.  I have been saving my .dvdproj files without archiving, moving them around to various backup disks, etc., and apparently uselessly - they will not open without major fiddling with the missing resources.  So appreciate the info.


    With all that, I tried another experiment of creating a DVD project with a 1G QT movie, archiving it, zipping it, and then transferring it to anothe computer on my home network.  The computers are iMacs running 10.8.4 and iDVD 7.1.2.


    After transfer I double clicked the zip file to extract the archived .dvdproj and then had to reset the permissions on that file because those seem to invariably get mangled in transfer between local computers.  But once I did that the DVD project opened fine.


    So my guess for the OP is that unless Google gets in the way the process should work.

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