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I am having the following issue after updating to 1.3


Devices are plugged in to be refreshed.

School WiFi Profile installs.

Meraki Enrollment Profile installs.


School WiFi installs without an issue, but about 50% of the devices return an error installing the Meraki profile. The reason is the iPads cannot connect to the internet.


If I go to the iPad, open it up and visit a website in Safari, then refresh again the profile will install, but for a couple hundred iPads shut in a cart this is quite a lot of work.


Previous to 1.3 the solution was just hitting refresh a few times, until all of the iPads established a connection, however it appears that about half of them will not make the connection unless forced to.



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    Not sure if this will work, but here's what I would try if I was in your shoes… Try doing it in two steps. First install the wifi profile by itself. Wait till all iPads are done. Then add a checkmark next to the enrollment profile and refresh all iPads. Hope this helps! ~Joe

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    Don't do the Meraki profile thru Configurator. It will show up as "unverified". If you install it over the air via self-enrollment, it shows up as verified with a happy green check mark.