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Every time I use airplay on my MacBook weather it music or video it CONSTANTLY cuts cuts out and I can never view a video, or listen to music without lagging or it being cut out?!?! But once I use airplay via my ipad it works flawlessly?! The airplay via MacBook is horribly bad! Defiantly not worth buying the Apple TV, better off getting the HDMI connection cable. But why? Is it a marketing sachem to get you to buy video and media off iTunes or it is really just not worth the purchase to begin with? I have friends asking me if it worth it and I'am conflicted in telling them weather to  get it or not. It has its advantages and benefits but with is excessive lagging ang cutting it music and video it is extremely infuriating. I have over ten friends who have returned or thrown out Apple TV cause of how bad a product it really is. I was recommended twice to get the HDMI. Cable connection instead but I was stubborn and thought Apple TV was all it was cracked up to be and more but WOW was. wrong. So in short why does Apple TV lag and cut out via MacBook? I turn all wifi devices in the household off and the service is under password but yet being the only device connected to wifi despite the MacBook it still lags heavily and consistently! Why?!?

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