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Server and clients set up 2 years ago


Clients are all Mobile accounts

set up to forcibly create a local home directory in Users folder on each mac whenever one logs in for first time, syncing with network Homes folder on server. mobility is configured at computer group level


As originally configured, I believe that login window displayed all personnel names as specified in Workgroup manager.


1) Now it seems that on SOME macs, this behaviour continues , but on others, only those already having local accounts are displayed at login plus Other...Can't think why this has occurred.



2) In addition to this, today I had to swap out a failing machine with one that was now spare but had been in use before.

This mac mini had the limited usernames in login menu. Those in this list can log in and sync with network home. Variations then ensued...

Randomly, two members of staff who used Other and enters Usernames and Passwords manually, we're recognised and logged in, but  a LOCAL account was not created for them...they were running from the Homes folder on the server


3) In addition both myself and another colleague were completely locked out, we could enter credentials manually and our passwords were recognised ( "password will expire in  x days..." ) but then message popped up "xxxx xxxxxxxx could not be logged in at this time  An error has occurred"



4) Intermittently  I get messages from staff who have "hot desked" at a site they infrequently visit. they login and are presented with a desktop displaying files that they deleted some time ago. On logging out (syncing at this point), they return to base to find that this Old desktop has now become their current desktop and  followed them back home. It's the intermittent nature that frustrates, it affects some staff on some satellite sites



Can anyone explain these behaviours, please? And advise on remedy?


(can see that in a large organisation, one would not want to scroll through entire staff listing to find Username like Warren Zevon, so can one force clients to display EITHER entire list of 40 staff members [OR only those who have logged in at this desktop and thus created a local account to sync with Network Homes folder])

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8), client macminis, and MacPros
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    Today I created a local account for myself, this allowed me to log in.


    Not savvy enought to BIND to understand how to bind to OD. ..got lost in the 'forest'  window...


    On deleting this local account, I found that I could now login, but this was as a Network Managed account rather than Mobile managed... The Home Folder was the one residing on the server...



    How can I get mobile, managed account to be created on initial log in to the machine?


    I believe I have added this replacement to the Computer group that manages the << create mobile account when user logs into network account>> mobility setting but it just doesn't 'take'