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Hey all.

I have 100+ videos that have audio phasing issues (stereo channels canceling each other out). I can fix these videos one by one... like so:

1. Open mov in Soundtrack Pro > Analysis> Phasing > Fix

2. File > Save as... > Quicktime Movie > DONE

I am not about to do that 100+ times lol. Is there a batch application/AppleScript I can run that will do all of that for me? Fingers crossed!! Thanks.



Note: All the files I need fixed have already been exported from FCP. I am working with Apple HDV 1080i60 files with Stereo audio.

Soundtrack Pro
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    In FCP, place all clips on the Timeline.  Correct the pan setting on the first clip, then copy that clip (Control c).  Next, select (highlight) all of the remaining clips, right-click on one and select "Paste Attributes."   When the Paste Attributes window opens, click PAN on the Audio side of the window.  All clips should now be correct.