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I am having a problem with my icloud. So here is the story. I had iphone 4. My contacts were backed. Someone stole my iphone. I got a new iphone 4s. My contacts did not sync from my previous iphone 4. so someone told me to restore to iphone 4 backup. I did. And wow! i got all my contacts back. I want all my contacts to be saved. And i don't want to lose them, it took me a while to build this list properly. With email and number and address.


Here is what i tried so far, i backed up from itunes to computer, then backup to icloud, then I did from my phone, i turned the contact switch on also, and the swtich on to back up to icloud. When I go to icloud.com. it's not there. If anyone can help me with this issue I would appreciate it. because i have a lot of contacts, and I need to save them in a way, I won't ever lose them.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3