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I just got an iPhone4 and i plugged it into my computer (which is also a mac. don't know if that info is needed). A little screen popped up asking me if i wanted to set up as new i phone or restore my info from my ipod. Now, since i have the Ipod5, i thought that info from it was going to go on the iphone, so i pressed restore. when the sync was complete i figured out that the info put on my iphone was from my very old ipod (3rd gen. i think). Now i want to go back and set up as new iphone or at least get the content and stuff from my newest ipod5 on my iphone, but i don't know how to do that. I tried reseting but i need a restrictions passcode and i don't have that which i've tried to get but i can't figure out how to. so would it be best to set iphone to faculty settings, if so, how can i do that. Or if its best to get content from my ipod 5 on my iphone, how do i do that. (but i REALLY don't want to delete anything on my ipod5 so any way i can do that?) HELP!! (btw the the software update is up to date on my iphone4 which is 6.1.3)

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3