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I usually use my macbook air plugged in, even if it's in full charge. As I've heard from people, they said that I should keep the cycles to the lowest I can, but it has already reached 217 even if I used my computer for about a year. The battery health is 89%, and I wasn't sure whether 89% is a good health for a 1 year old macbook air. I usually use my macbook air for school uses, like microsoft word, creating powerpoints, creating imovie, and I also play games a lot like starcraft 2, starcraft 1, counterstrike, and also sometimes teamfortress 2. I used to have bootcamp working on, but I've deleted it now, and I only have starcraft 2 on my mac. I've realized how fast my battery is being drained while I play starcraft 2, and I think it has affected the health of it too.


How can I reset the cycle, or restore my battery's health?

Is it possible to restore back too a 100% battery health?

Is playing games such as starcraft 2 on mac a bad idea?


Thank you very much, I appreciate your answers and opinions

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    Gaming isn't bad for your machine. It is normal for the battery to lose health %, it's a consumable item. The cycle count and health is something that is written to the firmware and there is no way to reset it. Just be aware that heavy use will drain that battery faster than normal, just like any other type of battery .