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I've just recently purchased an iPhone 5. After a day of using it, I noticed that when I play songs on the speaker there are volume fluctuates on all songs (some you can hear more than others). I've read many discussion boards online concerning this issue & most of the people mention it as a common problem. I've decided to replace the phone at Apple Store with a brand new one (fully boxed). After restoring all the data and songs, the issue of volume fluctuations was still present. My question is, whether it is a software or hardware issue? If it is a hardware problem, would this apply to the vast majority of iPhone 5s? (My biggest fear, is that the Apple Store that I purchase the iPhone 5 from has a faulty shippment of iPhone 5s and I really hope that this is not the case).



P.S. I read many articles written by consumers who are musicians and they've notice the same problem as well. Most of them said that this issue is to do with the speaker (hardware wise) as it tries to protect itself from damaging (due to high differences in volume).



Thank you very much for your help in advance.






iPhone 5 64GB White (A1429 - EU LTE model) Unlocked running iOS 6.0.1.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, 64GB Unlocked (A1429 - EU LTE)
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    The iPhone 5 has full Warranty. Make Genius reservation and take to Apple Store. Show the Genius the problem and they will replace your iPhone 5 with a perfect iPhone 5 without problems. If some of iPhone 5 have this problem, it does not matter, Apple makes millions of iPhone 5, some are going to have a problem. When the Genius gives you the new replacement iPhone 5 test it out in the Apple Store before you leave, so you are happy and do not waste anymore of your time.

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    I have got the speaker module replaced from the Apple Store (free) but the fluctuation problem continues. I wonder if it is really a hardware problem and replacing the phone  is the only resort .