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Hello Everyone,

     I just thought I would throw this out there an make sure that I'm not having the Apple store replace parts on my Iphone 5 for no reason.  About 3 or 4 days ago, I noticed that when I navigate to the purchased portion of the app store under updates (to retrieve something form the icloud that I've previous purchased), there seems to be horrible calibration issues.  What I mean by calibrations issues is that when I try to specifically select the cloud icon to download something, it selects a completely different listed item.  It seems to be specifically related to the right side of screen along the edge at the top and bottom of the screen (but only on the listing itself an only on the cloud icon). 


Here is how I duplicated the issue:


1.  Open the App Store.

2.  Select Updates.

3.  Select Purchased.

4.  I scroll up and down my listed items making sure to stretch the screen down from the top a few times.

5.  Then I lightly scroll back and forth on the middle portion of the listing of any item in view that is not the top listing.

6.  I select the top item's cloud button to download the app and it mistakenly selects something else.


While it doesn't appear to always do this right at first, repetitive trys will make it continuously start to happen.  This is especially frustrating if you accidently decide to scroll along the right edge of the screen as it mistakenly starts downloading apps at random.


Here is what I've done:


1.  I've restored the phone 3 times and I've reset all of it's devices 3 times.

2.  I've take it to the Apple store and demonstrated the issue (which resulted in them replacing my screen)


However, the issue is still presenting itself.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal if my phone was larger than 16gb, and I didn't feel that it was necessary to swap apps with icloud to save space.





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