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my month old macbook pro has been doing strange stuff lately, my trackpad works completely fine untill i plug in the charger, then the trackpad moves all over the screen, when i take my hand away from the track pad it stops, but when i need some precision clicks to close a tab or whatever it jumps all over the place.

when i take out the charger it works normally again.


please help, i think a lot of people have the same problem

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    Solution may be found if you search in the "More Like This" section over in the right column.




    You are still under warranty.  Call Apple Care. Make sure you get a case number as all repairs have an additional 90 days of warranty. 


    #1 - You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return your computer with no questions asked.


    #2 - You have 90 days of FREE phone tech support.


    #3 - You have the standard one year Apple warranty.


    #4 - If you've purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan, your warranty last for 3 years.   You can obtain AppleCare anytime up to the first year of the purchase of your computer.




    Take FULL advantage of your warranty.  Posting on a message board should be done as a last resort and if you are out of warranty or Apple Care has expired.