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I am planning to replace the HDD in my Macbook Pro with an SSD. I've used Time Machine to backup my HDD (running Mountain Lion) but am trying to find the best way to restore my Time Machine backup to the new SSD once installed.


Given that the new SSD will not have a bootable OS X Recovery partition, I have created a bootable OS X Recovery drive on a USB thumb drive using OS X Recovery Assistant.


In order to ensure that the new SSD has the OS X Recovery parition, should I:


     (1) reinstall Mountain Lion on the SSD then recover my data from Time Machine; or


     (2) can I simply use the Restore from Time Machine option in OS X Recovery to do it all at once.


I can't seem to work out whether option (2) will create the OS X Recovery partition on the new SSD or just recover the system partition.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)