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Came into a Powermac G5's without HDs. Installed a HD from a G4 D.A. (Sata running on Sonnet card) & all seemed well. Wanted to use a 1 TB Hitachi on the internal bus. My Leopard install disk (retail) was seemingly read by the orig. Sony DW-Q28A, but theinstallation was always aborted. Switched to a Pioneer DVR-111D. Same problem. Some disks, both commercial or burned on my G4 using a Pioneer drive, would also show up as unreadableor or as blank disks. Also tried to clone (using Carbon Cpy Cloner) the working Leopard OS disk. CCC would finish and report errors in process (so maybe working HD is also flawed). Interestingly, installed the Sony drive in a firewire drive enclosure. This setup works without a hitch. This, to me, indicates that I have a hardware problem. Am I missing a firmware fix that will make my problem go away? Or a bad internal cable? Or a bad board? Dfon't like the inconvenience of the external drive.


Phil C.