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Finally got my problem with the macbook sorted out and fixed [https://discussions.apple.com/message/22269076#22269076]


Now I have a good working macbook pro 15" [2010 - 320 HD - 2,4g] but I am thinking of getting a new macbook AIR 13" [travelling].


However, if I sell my 'old' book and get a new one with the basic settings [13" - 256 SSD - 1,3g en 4 gig]; would this be enough for the following tasks:


1. Internet/email

2. HD Movies playing/streaming

3. Iphoto management[100-150g]

4. Standard office Work [word and big excel files].


I heard some stories that you should upgrade your ram with 4g anyway to 8; but is it needed?


Maybe you people can give me some advise.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Don't swap machines yet. You're giving up functionality for portability.


    1. Internet/email. No advantage for upgrading on this.

    2. HD movies. No advantage here, either.

    3. iPhoto Management. Currently, 256GB SSD is adequate for many tasks, but you're going to need additional storage. You can either get an external drive, or upgrade the SSD to 512GB. I recommend the latter.

    4. Standard office work. No advantage.


    Many users find that 4GB RAM is fine; an upgrade to 8GB is best if you're juggling several applications, or if you have lots of desktop applications installed; and that's where the RAM is useful. (I have 8GB for the latter.)