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Safari, Youtube, iTunes, and the Appstore are crashing!!! OK! So When i opened safari on my iPad this morning, I clicked in my bookmarks and it went back to my home. Then I went back and typed a website in the bar. I pressed enter but it crashed again!!! When i opened Youtube it went straight to my homepage!!! I checked iTunes and the appstore but nothing showed up. I did the frezze restart like a billion times already but nothing is working!!! My iPad is still on iOS 4. something. Could that be the problem??? PLEASE HELP ME IM IN DESPERATE NEED!!

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    Still being on that old OS could very well be the issue. If the resets aren't helping, then I'd connect it to your syncing computer and update the operating system. Your 2 should go to 6.1.3, and will be eligible for iOS7 'this fall'.

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    Whenever I try to update it, the backing up loading bar freezes... what can I do now???