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My coworker has a fairly new iPad with retina display.  She has an error message that the iPad has not been backed up and needs to back up when locked, on wifi, and connected to a power supply.  It has an ok button to acknowledge the message.  Every time she hits the ok button, the error message remains.  She is unable to power down because the error message stays at the top and disables the ability to use any other touch portions of the screen.  She tried using Siri to reboot, but Siri was of no help.  She just kept saying that she does not wear boots.  Holding the power button down for an extended period also did not help.  She does not have access to the computer that has her iTunes on it, so she cannot sync it via cable.  She also does not want to do a reset because she has several photos that she does not want to lose.  What can she do?

iPad, iOS 6, Not sure which version of iOS 6