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Hi I have asked this question a few times now but I think I may be able to better describe it now after analysing cause and effect. Now I don't know exactly what Mac OS X does to optimize perfromance in fullscreen, but I think in my case it is working to my disadvantage.


I first noticed that when you play a game in windowed mode, leave it open, and then click off it, the game will revert to 30fps as it is not in current use. I understand this implimentation is benefitial, however I think it may be working against me in fullscreen mode.


Many games have a fluctating perfromance based on where you are looking. When I am in an envrionment that is particularly demanding the Fps will drop from 60 to 30 with Vsync enabled; this is fully expected. However when I am in an extremely undemanding enviroment the framerate can also drop. Until now I wasn't entirely sure as to what this was, but now I have a theory.


I beleive that the operating system thinks that because the environment is so easy on the graphics, that it mistakenly diverts processing power away from it, causing an unwaranted drop in performance. I tested this theory while playing starcraft 2. I was playing a game that began at 30 fps on medium settings, the fans were not running and the laptop was cool. I then turned on anti aliasing which I knew would cause a greater demand on the graphics. This as I suspected sent the framrate from 30fps to 60fps. This was also when the fans began to kick in, suggesting to me that the GPU/ CPU was now working as expected. This revelation leads me on to the question I now ask.


Is there a way to force the Operating system to put everything it's got in to an application? I am not talking about overlocking here, I just don't want resources diverted away from the game. Please note that I always shut down down all other applications when gaming, so the power is essentially being wasted.


Just in case this will help with a diagnosis, here are my system Specs.


i7 3rd gen, 2.6ghz

Nvidia 650m 1gb graphics

8gb ram

Mountain Lion 10.8.4


Lastly, i'd rather not have suggestions such as playing in windowed mode or disabling vertical syncs. I've also reset the SMC already. Thanks for any replies in advance!

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)