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My friend's Dad has 2 Macs, a power mac 7600 and a iMac.


He would like to get a bunch of files off a power macintosh 7600 on to an external hard drive, to be accessed on the imac. Is this possible and what external hard drive would you recommend?


Thanks for any insights!




Power Mac 7600/132, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier
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    Whew, this isn't going to be easy at all of the 4 ways I can think of due to the ports involved on both ends!


    1. Compressing them & eMailing them if the 7600 connects to the Internet.


    2. Ethernet & File Sharing, not easy to connect the 2 but possible.

    OSX.4.x lost the file transfer ability of Appletalk... 10.1.5 thru 10.3.9 had it!




    With OS9 set with Appletalk to using TCP/IP, and or Chooser>AppleShare+IP, you can connect to the 10.4.8 machine.


    Another solution is OpenDoor's $39 Shareway IP, (some OS7, 8, 9 releases had a limited version included)...



    Which makes OS9 Tiger compatable.


    "Mac OS X 10.4 and later don't support Personal File Sharing (or other AFP) over Appletalk, though by initiating the connection from the opposite direction you could still achieve an IP connection from a Mac OS 8 computer to a sharing Mac OS X computer. The Network preference pane in Mac OS X 10.4 and later still offers the AppleTalk checkbox, but it is for browsing AppleTalk-advertised resources and zones. The subsequent connection must be over TCP/IP."



    3. Finding a hard to find SCSI external Drive & an even harder to find  Firewire<->SCSI converter.


    4. Via Floppy Disk & Finding a USB Floppy for the newer on. Can't remember if they had an Internal Floppy on the 7600.

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    5. Can the 7600 burn CDs?

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    Thanks! the  cd drive is out of action, i think, but thanks for the suggestion




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    I know! I've had 2 visits to try and move these files! your No. 2 is probably the best route. The power mac can see the imac drive , but not the otherway, but when i drag a file onto a folder on the imac the power mac hangs! ive made the folder on the imac read & writeable to others but still no luck.


    Will look at some of the links you posted and see if I've got the settings right..




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    Given the small size of the internal hard drive that shipped with the 7600s - probably 1.2 GBs - the number of files to be transferred can't be too many (by today's standards).  You've indicated "Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier" for the 7600, so what OS version is it running?  The 7600 has an internal floppy disk drive, so I'd suggest acquiring a USB floppy drive for use with the iMac.  What model iMac does he have and what OS version is it running?  You'd want to use the 1.44 MB High-Density floppy disks for the transfers.

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    I was able to do this using an old SCSI PCI card.  Our school had just upgraded to all new Macs in 2001 but we had a lot of SCSI devices around. So, I requested the card. The outside Port looks small, but it works you just need an adapter.


    I remember using it with my 2 Gig Jazz drive So I could continue to transfer files from home to school.




    That's a lot to spend  on an old PCI card, but it has the internal as SCSI 1 on the card.

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    I have had problems trying to get the built-in file sharing to work between OS9 and OSX, it appears to work, but seems to hang up at the last moment when the file copy was about to finish.


    There are other internet protocols available, FTP and HTTP.  You can run a web server on the old mac if you turn on Personal Web Sharing, not sure what OS version this was introduced, it should be on 9 and 8, not sure about 7.  If you don't have a large amount of files, you can organize them into Stuffit Archives and put them in the shared web folder, then download them onto another Mac on your local network using a web browser.  there was also a third-party Mac web server called MacHTTP.


    A little more set up is required to run an FTP serveron the old Mac, but there was a software called NCSA Telnet, or BetterTelent for Mac OS 9, 8, maybe even 7.  telnet is a client utility to remote login to UNIX/linux servers, and the software can also run an FTP server, which is another common file transfer protocol supported on the Mac.  You can set up anonymous/guest/open access or user/password control, then use something like the Fetch or CyberDuck or FileZilla FTP client on the newer Mac to log into the older Mac's FTP server, to browse folders and download files.  It may help to make some Stuffit Archives, if you can, on the old Mac, but this is not totally necessary.

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    I'm not sure under what circumstances this becomes a problem...


    But when I bought my eMac (running 10.3), and tried transferring files from my TAM (running 9.1) using a USB stick... the files would all appear as UNIX executables on the eMac.


    I had to first archive the files on the TAM, before moving, then expand them on the eMac.

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    Hi, that would usually be due to the Flash drive being FAT32 & not HFS+ format. OS 8.1 & up can understand HFS+, FAT32 wont deal with Forks of Mac files.

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    Since you are able to connect between the two machines, you could try ftp.


    sharing from 10.4.


    I was able to upload files by using an FTP server. I used PureFTPd Manager 1.7 with Mac OS X 10.4. this download does include the server software. [ I never had much luck with the built in FTP server. ] I did have to create a FTP user. I had to boot the classic machine after configuring.



    I used fetch on classic:



    to transfer, start up the built in web server.  Place the file in ~/Sites


    Picture 4.png



    being a packrat, I stil have my classic files in the Program folder of my ~/Sites