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here is my delema. today it notified me of an update. so it started to update on its own as i was driving to work. i glanced over at it very now and then to check on it. once it got to the connect to itunes pictures i tired to connect while at work to no avail. got home and it was then blinking the apple logo on and off randomly. pressed the home key for a while then got the connect to itunes again. Did it. itunes wouldn't see my phone because it was in restore mode. began restore mode, went thru it all. then screen went black and started blinking the logo again. Now it says an error and can not restore. I also am unable to turn off iphone. pressing the power button and the home button do nothing. So confused. I'd love an "easy" solution as I am broke and cannot afford to to to Apple and have them fix it. It may still be under warranty, but unsure.I need my phone, its the only way I am able to talk to anyone, i am without a home phone. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

iPhone 4